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About the PQ Academy

Following steady expansion, PQA currently runs 160 academies in over 100 locations across Great Britain and Europe: from Edinburgh to Exeter, Middlesbrough to Mallorca - you’re never far from one of Pauline’s Academies. Academies run at weekends and each Principal is supported by a dedicated team of education and industry professionals ensuring students receive the best possible training.

PQA continues to give children outstanding training and unforgettable opportunities, including:

  • Specialist Film and TV module
  • Masterclasses from top industry professionals
  • Representation through their dedicated agency Quirky Kidz Creative Management
  • The opportunity to perform on a top West End stage
  • Poppets classes for 4 & 5 year olds
  • Free group Trinity College London examinations
  • Film Festivals
  • Creative Stages Reports
  • Local cinema screenings
  • Showcases

All these opportunities are designed to enable children to reach the top of their game, learning valuable skills for both everyday life and the performing arts.

Speaking of her Academies Pauline said, 'I started PQA because when I was younger some of my happiest times were spent in drama classes.'

'Looking back, I can see that the skills I learnt and the friends I made are really where it all started for me. I wanted to re-create that opportunity for a new generation of young people.'

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  • In 2007 Pauline opened the first Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts near her home in Beaconsfield, and 2017 sees PQA celebrate its tenth anniversary. Her Academies teach over 10,000 children aged between four and eighteen across the country three key modules: Comedy & Drama, Musical Theatre, and Film & Television.

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